Maddie’s Magick ๐ŸŒž

Magic vs. Magick by Maddie (an incredible, positive friend of mine):

The following is a broad description of the difference between magic and Magick:

Magick is the energy we feel all around us and deep inside of us that makes us feel that anything is possible. Unfortunately, for the last few hundred years magick is considered a fantasy or a superstition to us… To most people magick is a childish belief. To others who have studied the subject, magick is simply the power of intention, not to be confused with magicians smoke and mirrors. This is why practitioners of magick spell it with a โ€œkโ€, although some more traditional practitioners still use its original spelling. Whereas, magic is a trick performed by a magician using illusions and distraction, while Magick is basically The Law of Attraction, using intention to bring forth change in your physical or emotional world.

In order to use magick one must open up to the energy and believe that what you intend to happen will bring the greatest possible good while harming no one. One must also take the steps in the physical world for such change to take place, consider this:

โ€œWe wonโ€™t get that job if we donโ€™t send our resume and go on interveiews. We must open the doors to magickโ€

Christopher Penczak (Magick of Reiki)

The same goes for your health, you can use magick to become a happier person and get what you want out of life, but if you are not fueling your body correctly or staying active, how can you expect to get the best results from your intentions? Remember! We must open the doors to magick ourselves!

We have the power!

As I delve deeper into my studies of Magick (magic of majick, astrology, reiki and health) I will take all of you with me! Iโ€™m here to help motivate anyone and everyone to reach their highest potential in life through physical and metaphysical means! Click on the submenu for my monthly message.

– Maddie โœจ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ›