Soho Juice Co. – a vegan’s go to

Soho Juice Co. will forever have my heart. Yes, I know I sound a tad dramatic (when don’t I…?), but it’s true mister!

It is a little food joint located on South Howard ave in Tampa (they also have another location in St. Pete) with gluten free, organic, vegan, and raw food.

So after moving to Tempe from Tampa, there is one meal I still crave all the time and that is the Coco Verde bowl.

Picture taken from the Soho Juice Co. Instagram

Just looking at this picture above you can see that the almond butter is EVERYTHING. Acai + banana + strawberries + kale + dates + cacao + hemp+ + almond milk, topped with almond chia granola + banana + hemp seed + chia seeds + bee pollen + almond butter drizzle = the world’s best açai bowl. I mean it!

If you are looking for a treat they also have cookie dough. And before you ask, yes it is also gluten free, organic, vegan and raw. And no, I am not lying to you!

“Wonder Dough”

But if Wonder Dough and a Coco Verde bowl doesn’t sound like your “go to,” I encourage you to check out the rest of their menu. They have some bomb cold pressed juices. My favorite is the super verde. Also, all the employees are super chill and nice. Definitely stop in and check it out!



Keep eating clean my loves, your body will thank you later.

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