San Francisco Bay Area Active Adventures

Looking for an adventure? *nods*

I thought so. Here are some active adventures near the San Francisco Bay Area!

1. Muir Woods

My sister and I went to Muir Woods National Monument (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE). It is located in Mill Valley, CA. We had such a fun time, the place was magical – staring up at the trees was incredible, we felt like we were on a movie set. I would go back in a heart beat because it was probably the most beautiful exercise I have ever experienced.




  • Hillside Trail

    Map provided by the US National Park Service


  • The tallest trees in the world!

    My sister and I in front of a California Red Wood. They can live to 2,000 years and the tallest one recorded is over 379 feet.

    2. Take the ferry from sausalito to the SF Financial district

    What a fun time! From walking around the cute little area in Sausalito to riding by Alcatraz to roaming around the financial district, it was a great little adventure.

  • Restaurant we ate at: BARBACCO 
    • They accommodate those who are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free!
    • My choice for gluten-free/vegetarian:


      walnut pesto / parsley / parmigiano cheese
    • My choice for vegan AND gluten-free:


      with no walnut pesto / parsley / parmigiano cheese, substitute sauces for their delicious tomato sugo AND add a side of the


      mint / lemon / chili / but no pangrattato

3. View the golden gate bridge at battery spencer scenic view

  • Bring a hair tie! Its windy💨
  • Great hike up!     

4. Walk through the city

  • It’s LEGS DAY. Great legs work out because of the incline of the streets! Get ready to fire up those quads.

It’s hard to tell, but we were walking out of the Haight (a little hippy area) and the hill of the street was very steep for a Florida gal.

5. Visit point isabel dog park in richmond

  • Not only is there a beautiful view of the bay, but it is the perfect place to walk and play with your pup! Check out:

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